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FREE THINGS ONLINE: A Blog for music (Radio Blog)

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Blog for music (Radio Blog)

Previously I posted about clickster, but then I came across something even better Radio blog. The site allows you to save your favorite tracks and build-up your on custom play list. Its 100% free to join the community, once you become a registered member you can begin uploading songs, and creating your custom playlist. Searching radio blog is very simple and the results are pretty good. They have literally most of the music genres. The site also makes it easy to inter grate the player into your blog by copying and pasting the provided embedded code.

Downloading music from

You can easily download the tracks you want in a few steps as follows.

step 1) Search for the track you wish to download at radio blog . A list of tracks will be displayed below the search box

step 2)

once you have done that an embedded object code with the following tag will appear on the right hand side, right click and copy it.

step3) Navigate to and simply paste the URL from into the form and click download file.

After downloading rename the file extension from .RBS to .MP3 and you’re done.
Take note below the download file button theirs a remember to rename extension to .mp3 program that will automatically convert your .RBS music files to .mp3 this is optional.



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