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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Yahoo Mail Announces Unlimited Storage

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo Mail Announces Unlimited Storage

Yahoo is announcing that all Yahoo Mail users will have free unlimited email storage starting in May 2007. The current storage limit is 1 GB per account (2 GB for $20/year premium users). With this change, Yahoo leapfrogs Gmail (2.8 GB and growing) and Mail (2GB). Yahoo mail currently has 250 million global users, more than any other online service ( has 228 million and Gmail has 51 million users).

read more of this news article at Techcrunch

Well not really sure if its necessary to have unlimited storage space. how many people actually use more than 2 gb of mail probably less than 80% of users or even 90%. Unlimited email space means you will never use it, for the sake of publicity more people will probably start using yahoo. The "my mail has bigger storage than users war is over". Am sure soon enough people will be uploading and distributing movies and music through yahoo and making login details publicly available freely.



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