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Friday, May 18, 2007

Promote your blog in 15 minutes

The blogging community is soaring its growing like crazy, enough of my mates have jumped on to the band wagon I just had to write a little something to get them started. Firstly to those of you new to blogging. The key to promoting your blog is simple, persistency, you just have to be continuously persistent, one of he major reason many blogs fail is due to the lack of passion and been persistent another is running out of things to blog about, course many may say time they are countless factors which could lead to that. Many of us tend to give up without really trying. In order to promote you blog without taking to much time I have come up with a few proven methods that worked for me and have generated over 400 views in less than a day for a friend of mine their blog can be found here as proof.

  1. Firstly in order to keep track of who’s visiting your new found blog try adding a free hit counter to track new visitors, this will allow you to visually see and thus motivate you to do more in order to gain a larger readership. Free web counters can be found here all over the web by just goolging free web counter. Once you have added a counter to keep track move on to blog Submissions and rss submissions this always works like a charm. You will first want to submit your blog Googles index. Take note to make your blog promoting quest as smooth as possible write in notepad your blog name, blog tite, blog description, blog keywords used to identify your blog and email address. This will come in handy as you will have to submit your blog to multiple blog directories and rss directories. For a comprehensive list of rss submission and blog directories visit rss specifications. I recommend starting off with the first two blog directores and Blog directories will will provide you incoming links to the new blog and get it started on its way to high traffic and increases your popularity. It also pays to have good unique content.
  2. Secondly Google up “advertisement forum” they are literally hundreds of forums online which will allow you to post announcements about your website or new business. Choose one and quickly create an account with it and publish your blog announcement.
  3. Thirdly within your existing email account add an email signature feature. Email signatures are found at the bottom of your email. Add your site(s) URL address.
  4. In your email account, email every person in your address book announcing your new found blog.
This list will be updated bookmark it if you wish.



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