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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Social bookmarking the future of content distribution

For those of you who have no idea what social booking marking sites are and how you can use them as means to boost more incoming traffic to your website or blog, this post is definitely for you. For starters social book marking is simply a way for users to save web site addresses onto a central system as opposed to the conventional way of bookmarking locally using your browser, for example within IE you would book mark a site using favorites or within firefox using bookmark option by simply pressing “control D”, but this can be a pain. Imagine you’re at work and you don’t remember a url that you desperately need to complete your task. Having your bookmarks stored on social bookmarking system can quite beneficial for example they can enable you to share your favorite web address and search through other users bookmarks to discover new sites, import and export, add notes ,comment and rate, and you've got a highly truly remarkable system.

All the aforementioned advantages are pretty nifty, but the best thing is such link based systems allow for an alternative means of information distribution and promoting of blogs or websites for users thus allowing more incoming traffic to your site. The more you add your content to bookmarking systems the more likely you are to generate more incoming traffic. Sites such as, reddit, Digg, furl are the more popular and common social book marking sites. See below for a more elaborate list.

Once you sign up for a social book marking site such as furl or digg you have the option of adding a bookmarklet button which will resides within your browser. This button will allow you to submit the current webpage your viewing in your web browser onto the social bookmarking site. The current page your viewing could be your own blog or specific blog content this also applies to any other social book marking bookmarklet.

Popular social bookmarking sites is the site that started the whole social bookmarking trend, and remains one of the most popular. The site's search and sharing features make it an interesting place to explore and stumble upon interesting links and the best place to submit your own content links since it has more users the chances for people linking your own content are much greater.

Furl is another popular social booking marking site. What sets its self apart from the rest is the ability to caches your bookmarked pages, allowing you to view bookmarked content even if the original page if no longer available online. Furl also allows you to export your archives cached pages and all links to a ZIP file for easy backup this can be quite handy when you need your bookmarks physical with you.
Digg is another popular social bookmarking site that has an assortment of categories such as technology, centralized more around news links.

Here are some other sites you can use to submit your content or other content you think may be relevant, or you may just simple wish to store your favorite site links online for easy access. Take note if you plan on using these bookmarking sites for self promotion of your own content. It would be wise not to over do it. For instance once you have a new blog don’t just furl or digg (save) everything there. It may seem like spamming. Do it intelligently. Try adding your old blog posts there not post just recently created posts today. The list shown below is in no way comprehensive at all please add your comments below and do let me know if it works for you.





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