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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Virus scanning using multiple AV utilities

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Virus scanning using multiple AV utilities

Having one single anti virus software on your computer can never be enough, they are times where one dose not scan adquately. All virus scanners have their strengths and weakness no one tool is perfect, but of course theres always an alternative way of using multiple AVs (antivirus) tools . virus total a web based services allows you to upload and scan a specific file utilizing multiple anti virus engines ranging from Symantec, node32, avast , avg , bitDefender and macfaee and plenty more which I have never heard e.g kasperksky. Your uploaded file size should not exceed a max of 10 MB.

Most of us cant afford purchasing multiple anti virus applications having such a service at your disposal is pretty handy, sad thing only individual files can be scanned. You may be thinking about the security of uploading your personal files as, always you never know tho files can be uploaded using SSL, so that they’re encrypted. You also have the option of having the file sent to anti-virus vendors for analysis. If time is an issue you can send an email to the following address with subject SCAN and attach your desired file. A report with statistical data will be forwarded to the address you used to send the attachement. An altertive way to upload files can be done using the file uploader provided at virus total's main web site, a short cut will be added to you computer, all you have to do is right click on any desired file and click send file to virus total.

Take note for thoes of you who may thinking to use this web based tool for AV comparative analysis of one antivrus with another you wont get accurate results as virus total utlizes comandline AVs which perform differently compared to fully fledge graphical applications.
quote Virus Total service should not be used for AV (antivirus) comparisons



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