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FREE THINGS ONLINE: How to sustain incoming traffic by offering freebies

Monday, June 11, 2007

How to sustain incoming traffic by offering freebies

Having a website is not all bout having bells and whistles . you could have the best flashy looking website using all the latest web technologies, You could have the most professionally designed site ever, but not generating any traffic or sales at all.
Building a site is one thing generating and keeping constant traffic from return views is another thing.
The strategies I will outline below are simple and work, You do not need to think to much or dig into unnecessary software tools which will cost your more of your time and money. Without spending a dime and very little of your time a day you can achieve constant web traffic. Repeat visitors are essential for the long-term success of any e-business or website. Visitors returning to a website are more likely to make an online purchase than new visitors. Constant traffic to your site is something that will take a lot of effort on your part. With the about of online websites online, its not as easy as it may sound, but surely can be done. The first things you can do is

Start a frequent newsletter

Starting your own online newsletter is one of the most effective methods of building frequent readership and a loyal customer base that will in turn sustain your incoming traffic to your site as they are likely to check your website for more updates. Having a newsletter is also a powerful way to position yourself as an expert within your respective field. Take note newsletters do not always apply to all websites or online businesses, having one depends entirely on your subject matter. Always remember to keep your newsletter content to a minimum as you have to assume many people do not have much time nor will they be inclined to read a 5 paged newsletter. They will probably more likely skim through it and probably miss your whole point your trying to get across.

Offer free online webcasts

If you’re an expert in your field offer free webcasts also know as webinars webcasts can be delivered live from a web server they can either be video, audio broadcasting or presentations. Something your readers can learn for that customers or visitors to your site would normally pay for. Ask yourself what kind of information your readers want from you, what do you have to teach them? What have they come to your site to learn, or what kind of information were they seeking?

Give away a free ebook(s)

A free eBook can be a great incentive, depending on the kinds of products or services you offer. If you offer a free eBook, you'll have to take the time to actually write it. But an eBook doesn't need to be hundreds of pages long to be useful. An information-packed eBook can be as short as 5 to 8 pages, and still provide a ton of value for visitors. Not only does a free eBook help build your frequent reader list, it also helps familiarize your visitors with you and your products or services.
Use online viral marketing for instance create a simple auto mailer that will allow users after downloading your ebook to refer 2 more of their friends by emailing them the link to your ebook. Using this technique your potential customers or traffic to your website can double quite easily. Within your free ebook add more free stuff bundled up with other things users can purchase at a discount price.

Offer a review my website or product content

You could give away something unique to the individual who is capable of writing the best review about your website or product. They reviewer should send you a link to the review you could add conditions that the review must be online. This will definitely get you more back links to your website and thus increase your ranks within search engines.

Offer a forum restricted to members only

Forums can be a major draw for people in niche markets. Because their areas of interest are often unique and specific, they sometimes have a hard time getting the information they want, or finding other people who are interested in the same things. Forums provide a way for like minded individuals to form a community and to discuss their interests to seek help for experts such as you, forums also promote dialogue between you and your visitors.

Communicate often with your visitors

This is pretty much self explanatory. Communication is vital and timely responses, this shows credibility and that your concerned and inclined to help where ever you can.



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