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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Bittorrent on mobile phones

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bittorrent on mobile phones

I guess this post will probably appeal more to tech savvy bittorrent download fans, or people who simply cant wait for their downloads to complete and simply must constantly keep an eye on them. Sindre Sorhus, the developer behind the project uTorrent mUI has released a mobile bittorent client, capable of running on any mobile yes any mobile phone capable of some form on internet connection. For thoese not familier with utorrent web interface, it basically allows the end user to control his or her µTorrent client from any Internet enabled computer. For instance your not at home and you happen to be in some remote area with really crappy internet speed and you just got to download, you simply log on to utorrent web interface and a µTorrent web interface is displayed on the remote machine. (will post a simple step by step on how to achieve this keep check blog for updates). All you will have to do is upload the torrent file via the web interface to your remote machine The remote machine will then ackownledge the requests and will begin downloading the desired file. uTorrent mUI does just that but this time via your mobile phone. but sadly its pretty much limited to starting and pausing downloads, monitoring downloads, throttling bandwidth.

The one big thing that µTorrent mUI lacks is the ability to add torrents. µTorrent mUI is definitely a concrete step forward in bridging the gap between graphical based p2p clients and web based p2p systems. The project is still and on going process so am sure the features it lacks will be added soon.

view Demo here nokia N70



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