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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Convert your blog posts or website content to PDF

Content is king for many of you, who haven't heard the saying. As more blogs and websites are created every day the more content their is to digets. Sometimes it would be nice if you can convert some of that content into pdf (portal document format) pages which you can easily insert into your mobile devices or your personal computer for future offline reference.

For those of you, who have been searching endlessly online for a tool that can convert your web content into a pdf Web 2 PDF online offers a simple and easy to integarate javascript widget you can easily integrate into your website or blog. Signin up for web2 pdfonline is simple just add in your account details and thats pretty much about it no need for account activate and all that . Once you have signed up you will be redirected to an option menu, where you can generate the required java script which you will need to copy and paste into your blog or website.



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