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Friday, August 31, 2007

Competitions online for everyone

If you have spent time reading blogs you might have seen about one too many blogs promoting making money online or probably a website how to get rich in a or b , just pay 100$ and your on your way to financial freedom and becoming a millionaire. All sounds too good to be true huh! yea it certainly does. Most of the time anything online that requires you to pay, then promises ridiculously unbelievable things its most likely bogus.
After pondering a while I decided to make a blog that will allow you opportunities to make some extra cash by taking part in online competitions that are certainly doable and are not complicated that virtually anyone can take part in provided you have access to an internet connection abit of time and the will power and drive to go for it. Taking part in online competition can be a lucrative undertaking, but of cause a non guaranteed endevour, but still a worth while experience. I have tried by all means to so far to foucs on content that applys to any one anywhere does not matter where you come from. The competition links posted there allow anyone to parcipate and you will be awarded by cash prizes , vouchers or other various benefits. Some competitions require you to write a review regarding some elses blog or website others require you to write proposals or come up with ideas etc. You pretty much get the idea. If your a web site owner or blog owner and you would like to publize your web contest see my web email address and email me a description of your competition and I will glady post it up.

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At September 14, 2007 at 6:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh..very irresistible sayang!!


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