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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Professionally done wordpress themes you simply will love

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Professionally done wordpress themes you simply will love

Are you tired of searching online endlessly searching for an appropriate, but professional yet simple and nice and yet uncommon and not so widely used by yet so many wordpress blogs that are continuously poping up everywhere. As the blog title says free things online its definitely possible to get some great looking themes/templates for wordpress blog engine. Depending on your preference. As a web developer am quite critical when it comes to web designs, not that my choice of design on this blog is appealing but blogger is quite limited and my design skills aren't too good, but of cause my concern is not about how the blog looks but whether am delivering content that will be enticing to my readers and can be of some relevant benefit. This post is a work in progress as I find more professional looking themes I will be sure to add to the list . If anyone would like to contribute just leave a comment below and i will add the screen cap to the list.

GlossyBlue design [Demo]

Not-so-Fresh [Demo]

Redoable-1.0 [Demo]

Bosco + Widgets [Demo]

Zeke 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready Wordpress theme

Big Hottie


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