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Monday, August 6, 2007

Stage 6

The Internet itself, one could argue, is far more "valuable" and significant as a delivery mechanism for information and media than television these days, and it's a medium where everyone experience content on a personal level over time.
They are practically countless online video sites but stage6 definitely stands out among the rest created by divx. The beauty about this site is content is near dvd quality theirs no need to strain your eyes in trying to figure out whats showing.

Stage6 allows you to create channels and customize theme with skins for that channel., pick thumbnail that goes with your video you upload, multiple uploading of videos simultaneously
You can now organize your videos into groups, add videos from other channels into your ‘library’ and watch your audience grow in My Stats.

The draw back though is the speed and waiting time for video to load. This will all entirely depend on your broadband speed.



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