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Friday, September 21, 2007

Automate your video downloads

Its been a long week for me caught the flu bug which totally rendered me useless, couldn't get my self to actually write anything that made sense, anyways wont feed you with all that personal stuff. I stumbled upon a great tool which I simply had to to let my readers know about. If your a big movie or tv fan and, cant afford tv on demand services, why not turn your old or current computer into an automated downloading machine with this great application miro. Miro is a user generated open source content distribute application. Its 100% free you can download it via the miro website. The interface is clean and all menu items are easily accessible that within 2mins you will be up and running. Miro is designed around the concept of rss feeds. for those of you who are not familiar what they are is basically links to content items on your web site or blog that people can subscribe to, for example see morefreethings rss feeds.

Miro has the ablity to search video sharing services like youtube and aggregates all that content into one application, Miro then converts any media RSS feed into a channel. It also comes bundled with video viewing capablities. so you dont need to have a 3rd party application in order to view your downloaded materials. Your not only limited to viewing content thats hosted on video sharing sites but you can subsribe to bittorrent rss feeds and get your favourte movies and shows downloaded automatically thats the gem of the application.
miro runs on all the popular operating systems such as mac osx windows and linux so it pretty much caters for everyone.
To avoid redundancy, I will not re write whats been done so you can check out a screen cast of how to use miro at the miro site.
In order to automate your tv show downloads you can easily follow these instructions. take not by tv show downloads am referring to bittorrent tv show downloads.

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