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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Create your own tag cloud

You probably have seen on websites, blogs a big cloudy thingy with a bunch of words , at a glance it doesn't seem to make much sense to the average internet user. But if you take a closer look its a bunch of links usually keywords. Am going to dive a bit deeper into tag clouds and show you some of the best places online you can create your own tags clouds for your blog or website and some of the advantages of having such an entity on your site.
Firstly a tag cloud is a visual depiction of content and a rich informative, image that communicates much in a single glance and a new approach to information delivery and categorization.

Tags are keywords that are depicted in a larger font or otherwise emphasized. The order is generally alphabetical. Selecting a single tag within a tag cloud will lead to a collection of content items that are associated with that tag, for example "internet marketing" or java programming would lead to content associated with those tags. For an example scroll down this blog under feeds button you will see a bunch of keywords.
Tag cloud size represents the number of times that tag has been applied to a single item This is useful as a means of displaying metadata about an item that has been voted' on or frequently searched or looked up. The size of a tag could also represents the number of items to which a tag has been applied popularity of a tag.

tag clouds can also be used as a categorization method for content items. Tags are represented in a cloud where larger tags represent the quantity of content items in that category.

Some reasons you might want to have a tag cloud on your web site

  1. Navigation and visualization for user generated metadata (tags). This makes it eaiser for users to drill download to your content items.
  2. Visual appeal in my opinion, makes your site have a professional look and feel.
  3. Gives an overview of keywords associated with the content your website contains.
  4. Enables a reference or focal point that users can use popularity of items with your site.
  5. Enables end users to acquire related items easily without having to user any advanced searching techniques.
How to create your own tag cloud

If you have a blog or website that has RSS feeds MakeCloud allows you a no brainer way to create a tag cloud under 5mins all you will need to do is insert the URL for any RSS feed, the system will auto generate a tag cloud representing your feed. it’s quick and no registration is required. Tbe tag cloud is is customizable to suit your needs.

How to create a tag cloud for blogger.

How to create a tag cloud for wordpress

How to create a tag cloud in typepad

How to create a tag cloud in moveable type

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