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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Hide your rapidshare or megaupload links

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hide your rapidshare or megaupload links

Broken links or deleted links from rapidshare or other file hosting sericies is a pretty much common think online and can be frustrating at times for many of you who use such file hosting services to distribute your files to friends or just share to the general public. Sometimes displaying rapidshare, megaupload yousendit etc links can be somewhat risky, as anyone can report them for removal if they so desire.
The best solution to prevent this, but not full proof is hiding or masking your links to something completely different from the original link, this solution could potentially save you the hassle and time of having to re-upload deleted links to your content. A simple example of masking your link would be for example your original link is to
Masking your links can be done easily with a number of free online services which I have outlined below.
All the services outlined below consist of simple 2 step process just create a short URL that can be effectively used instead of an existing, long URL and generate.

hidelinks is a little bit different from the rest, it consists of password protection system, access is to link is restricted to holder of correct authentication details. If you create a HideLinks account, you can change the link or password any time by logging in.

dwarfURL is similar to hidelinks pros your newly created link will never expire.You can even enter in a password and see the statistics for your (how many clicks and where from) dwarfurl.

update 02 December 2007

Another url encryption service is Rapidbolt. The service only works for registered premium users unregistered users won't be able to access any of the downloads.



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