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FREE THINGS ONLINE: China taking P2p to Next level?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

China taking P2p to Next level?

With a relaxed regulatory environment unlike the US, Chinese developers have created file-sharing protocols that offer downloads 50 times faster than BitTorrent and real-time streaming of DVD quality video.

It's no secret that China is emerging as an economic powerhouse in its own right, developing a burgeoning manufacturing industry that produces everything from cars to iPods, but it's also rapidly developing a P2P and file-sharing services industry that people of other countries like here in the US could only dream of. In a recent interview with Kaiser Kuo, Ogilvy China's digital guru and web 2.0 expert, discussed the rapid growth of P2P and file-sharing services in China in contrast to the United States where its growth has long been hampered by copyright concerns and the lack of effective DRM restrictions. China's relaxed regulatory environment in regards to copyright infringement and enforcement and has made it possible for P2P services to be where Kuo says some of the "finest minds have gone" and developed "incredibly fast protocols on their own." An example is that has created a client that is reportedly an unbelievably 50 times faster than BitTorrent! The amazing download speeds lie in the fact that it is "really, really aggressive in being able to grab bandwidth from available resources." As an example of the speeds made possible by Blin he describes how he had his wife set out to watch the TV show "24" season 6 in DVD quality from start to the moment of actual viewing. From the moment she entered the keyword "Blin" in a search engine, visited the site, downloaded and installed the client, and was actually able to watch it with 2.2% downloaded a measly 3 minutes had passed! That's right, it took a whole 3 minutes to begin watching DVD quality video content. Try that with BitTorrent.

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