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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Setting up your on Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Setting up your on Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP

Earlier on I blogged about setting up, your own mp3 server using in an easy to use streaming server (vibestreamer), but omitted on how to actually access it remotely from your school, work place etc, as it desired its on unique post. Within this post I will explain to you what dynamic vs. static IP address are and help you figure out what you have. Once that is done I will then show you some free services you can use in order to get your own free (domain name e.g. that you can use to gain access to your mp3 streaming server without having to pay a single penny.

Firstly I would like to just start of with the very basics of IP addresses nothing too technical, this information I hope will be easily digestible non hardcore computer users..
Do you know your computers IP address or do you have any idea what an IP address is? for those of you who might not know, an IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address (a series of numbers) that identify your computer on the internet for example, and enable it to communicate with other computer systems on a network. IP address acts as a locator as each street address and phone number uniquely identifies your house.

If your computer is constantly connected to the Internet, through a local network at work or school for example, most likely you have a static IP address. A static IP address is an address that doesn't change every time you log on to the Internet.
If you have a dial-up connection or use DSL/ADSL (broadband) to connect to the Internet you're most likely picking up a dynamic IP address from a pool of possible IP addresses at your Internet service provider's network during each login/dial in.

A dynamic IP address means that every time you connect to your ISP or at certain intervals, your computer's IP address may change. This poses a problem if you try to run your mp3 server using a dynamic IP address.
If you think you have a dynamic IP address, you should ask your network administrator

One way to guess if you might have a dynamic IP address is head on to write down your IP address then disconnect from your Internet service provider, reconnect back and recheck your IP address. If the IP address you see after reconnecting is different, that means you have a dynamic IP address, if this is the case then the services I recommend below will be for you.
Note that seeing the same IP address after reconnecting does not necessarily mean that you have a static IP address. This is because if some other computer doesn't use your current address when you disconnect (if someone else doesn't connect to your ISP in the meantime, for example), you may get the same address when you reconnect.

IP addresses such as can be difficult for people to remember and yet impossible to use if they are dynamic , so a scheme called DNS (Domain Name Service) was developed. A DNS maps a human-friendly name, called a domain name morefreethings.blogspot, to an IP address For instance.

The following services outlined below solve the issue of your continuously changing IP address by allowing you to use an easy to remember domain name instead of an IP address to help others or you to locate your computer.

No-ip and dyndns have been around for many years and provide free domain names for example

Here is an example of how the no-ip client will look like, as you can see i have an active free domain name which maps to my home pc

In order to get started using the no-ip or dyndns services , you will need to sign-up for a free account add your dynamic ip address, you can find out your Ip address here (
Download your dynamic dns software for either no-ip (Windows Dynamic Update Client Download) mac and linux options are available for no–ip or dyndns, follow the installation instructions. The software client you will have installed on your computer will constantly monitor any changes in your machine's IP address and updates your free domain name.

You will be able to access your computer anywhere remotely with a more readable and easy remember domain name as shown above.
Overall no-ip and dyndns are great services and by far the best I have used for many years, If you have alternative to freely available static to dynamic DNS service that you might know of leave a comment below.

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