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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Stream your own music from home for free

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stream your own music from home for free

Streaming your tunes to any internet connected pc, be it on your desktop at work, notebook around the house via your wireless connection has become so easy that anyone can do it, its not too geeky or for tech savvy users. Internet connections have tremendously improved over the past years, home based broadband speeds are now fast enough to enable you to stream you mp3's at high quality.
Vibestreamer is a free mp3 server, you can easily download and start streaming your favorite MP3's streaming using only a standard web browser. You do not need to spend dollars on expensive portable media devices, or paying for external hosting. It literally enables you to take your music library anywhere you go provided you have a fast enough broad band internet connection at your home. Am currently utilizing a 1.5Mbps ADSL connection and it pretty much works great.

Vibestreamer is pretty easy to install, I had it up and running within less than ten minutes.
Take note since vibestreamer is web based, if you wish to know how to set up an easy way to access your mp3 server read how to get a free domain name that will map to your home pc.

Here are some advantages of having your one home based mp3 server

Gigs and gigs of storage, much more than you would be able to get online, unless you have pay for a premium service offered by some online streaming services, but that means you probably will have to pay dollars for that particular subscription service annually or monthly.

Another great benefit is you don’t need to spend a lot of time uploading your mp3's, depending on your upload speed, this could be quite time consuming and probably even take days to upload all your albums.



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