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Friday, November 16, 2007

Upcoming Posts on morefreethings

  1. Easy content distribution with project neon (Doent seem to work not worth the review)
  2. Marketing your site using conventional P2P applications
  3. Your ultimate must have list of self development material
  4. Leveraging video in internet marketing
  5. Getting started with viral marketing
  6. The so not common ways to promoting your blog
  7. Making money blogging a myth ?
  8. How to find readers for you new blog
  9. Alternative services for blogging for dollars
  10. How to promote a corporate website
  11. Your online profile the good the bad and the ugly
  12. Making money through paid surveys
  13. Working from home what works ?
  14. Procrastination the root of all evil
You might be wondering why in the world would I just simply list down a list of to blog about blog posts. Well I have lot on my mind sometimes I come up with some great articles to blog about, but end up not getting around to actually writing about them. So by listing them It will be a constant reminder to me that I have to deliver and to you a preview of wants to come on morefreethings so its pretty much win win. I hope this list will entice you to head on back here and check out whether this content is up. If you would like to be automatically notified you can sign up for the blog feeds see feeds on left hand side of blog. On that note I would also like to encourage you to vote if you like the blog and vote for individual posts if you like what you see. Each blog post has a voting slider go nuts.

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