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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Streaming your media using Orb 2.0

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Streaming your media using Orb 2.0

Its 100% free, very little configurations and no need to apply too much brain power. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you would have noticed my previous post on how to stream you music from home, but sadly this process would require you to setup some 3rd party IP address mapping software that would allow you to gain access to your home computer. This solution is quite a handful for the many non geeks, tech savvy people and could potentially cause configuration problems if your running behind a firewall or router. But not to worry, Orb is a free service that literary turns your computer into a home media center without spending a single penny.
The only thing you will need is a just a few minutes of your time to get to know orb and how it can work for you.

Orb lets you access and play your music library from virtually any web connected pc -and even some PDAs and smartphones, It also give you the option to stream live TV from your home yea that’s pretty much true, live TV., but doing that will require you to have a TV tuner card installed on your pc and spend some dollars. This process of streaming is referred to has Mycasting.

Orb is simple and fast to use. The Orb application is free to download and install, and

Once the Orb software is installed on your home PC, your computer acts like your personal broadcasting system. In order to access your media you will need to navigate to and login on your personal broadcasting station. Orb creates a secure media portal to your home PC using a customizable ajaxified interface. You can practically drag and drop your components around document management, contacts, media, video components on the screen.

Using Orb to broad cast your Podcasts

Alternatively, you can stream a specific podcast and embed it into your blog via a link all you will need to do is Just copy and paste the link or URL link associated with that media in your MyCast application into your blog page, and Orb will embed a Flash player automatically. This is pretty handy when needing to get your content out to your listeners without having to undergo the process of uploading to file hosting services.

File browsing this is a neat feature that Orb has, the ability to do file sharing that’s a plus in my book. All your shared media can be shared among your friends based on invitation.
In addition to keeping links to your home PC media files (or any other documents you choose to make accessible), Orb 2.0 lets you add pretty much any RSS-based resource from the Web and allows you to browse your directories from your c drive to you’re my documents, that’s pure flexibility.

Orb is definitely worth checking out.

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