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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well they was youtube now there's filesTube a search engine dedicated to files what kind of files? well things like (rapidshare files, megaupload files etc) .
This a much better way of searching for such files and its apparently not powered by Google, that means what you might not be able to find using Google you might just find using filestube. I have to admit they where a few search queries that did not produce any relevant results using Google search but filestube managed to get some pretty relevant results some where spot on. Overall the web interface is clean and its not clattered with advertisements making the surfing experience that much better.

I just noticed people are using this search engine to find nothing else but porn , most of the top searches are porn my goodness.

Other things you can do with the service

Download lists.

Organize your search results. You can easily group download links in manageable lists. You can also share your download lists with friends.

Download history.

Keep track of your downloads. By default every file downloaded with FilesTube is shown in your download history. This enables you for example to quickly find links of downloaded files for ratings and comments.

Link submission

Free flash mp3 player that you can embed into your blog or website.

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