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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Monitor your uTorrent downloads via google home page

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monitor your uTorrent downloads via google home page

The bit torrent world is your haven, you’re the type of person who just can’t wait for you’re downloads to complete. Your constantly checking, validating to see how many minutes are left and how many downloads have successfully completed. So why should you let a little thing like being away from your home computer stop you from keeping tabs on your downloads. Previously I posted on using uTorrent’s webUI (web user interface) tool to control and monitor your bittorent downloads remotely, using webUI. Using this great plug-in works just fine, but that’s not the only way you can monitor your downloads.
uTorrent has a Google widget/gadget for your Google Home page/igoogle that allows you to remotely monitor your downloads, take note this gadget only allows you to remotely monitor so the sad thing is you can only watch without control over your downloads. The good thing is you can embed this gadget about anyway online for example in blog or website etc.

How to set you your uTorrent gadget

The first thing you need to do is download and set up the utorrent webUI plugin if you haven't done so already take a quick read on my previous step by step on how to achieve this. Once you have performed all the steps outlined in the guide you can head on to your Google home page. Take not you will need to have an active Google account in order to gain access to your Google home page.

step 1 : login into your Google Homepage.
On your Google Homepage select "Add stuff " the button located at the top right hand side of your page.

step 2 :
Now you should see the Add gadget menu.
Select "Add RSS Feed" this link is located near the bottom left hand side of the page.

Once done this should invoke a pop textbox that will allow you to enter the following URL

Take note they are two variants of this gadget that I have seen so far via the uTorrent forums. The first link above gives you the following gadget see pic below.

The second URL gives you a gadget that looks like this

The main difference is the first link gives you a gadget that has an extra option to limit the total number of active torrents downloading (just for cosmetic purposes).

After clicking the "add" return to your Google HP. You should then see the one of the gadgets above depending which link you decided to use.

step 3: What we need to do now is configure the gadget so that it will then display the torrent trackers currently loaded in the uTorrent

In the "Address" box you will enter your IP address. If you are unsure what it is go to the and it will tell you your address.
The "Port" box is for the port you currently have open as the listening port for incoming connections to the uTorrent. You can find it under uTorrent's options ->"Preferences" -> connections tab as shown below.

Lastly, for the "Guest username" type guest this is the default for admin login type in the username you previously chose to use with the webUI plugin.

If you have reach this part your pretty much done you should have all the information entered as shown in this picture below.

click save and you should see your active torrents

Post your comments here or problems you might face in trying to configure this gadget. Take note if your behind a router you will need to look up port forwarding for your specific brand and type of router this is different on every router.

To map your ipaddress to something more meaningful have a look at how to setup you own domain name for free.

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