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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Omemo a new P2P Network

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Omemo a new P2P Network

MP2P Technologies announced today the launch of Omemo, an altogether new type of P2P network. It creates a virtual hard drive in which users may save files, however, said files are stored in cyberspace rather than on the user’s local hard drive. Omemo’s distributed storage network is fast and scalable creating a nearly limitless supply of storage space and freely available, uncensored data that can include digital music, video clips, images, software, and documents.

Unlike Google’s anticipated but not yet delivered storage offering, Omemo empowers its users to share resources by creating an open source based P2P network that brings together available free space from hard drives willingly shared by users. It allows users to add, share, and organize their own content - anonymously - thereby forming an exhaustive, live multimedia library managed exclusively by the Omemo community.

Omemo is essentially a multimedia version of the wildly popular Wikipedia but built upon our P2P network,” said Pablo Soto, CEO of MP2P Technologies, and a 28yo developer who was also behind Blubster and Piolet. “Our development team has worked diligently to create something new to advance P2P file-sharing and bridge it to the 'wikiocracy’ born out of the social media revolution. Welcome to the O-Drive.”

To further ensure privacy and the principles of online democracy, Omemo is both anonymous and controlled by the community and no single, centralized authority. Every aspect is 100% community policed; from the promotion of superior content through community voting, to the organization of files, and the flagging of inappropriate content, for example.

"There is no way to know who uploads a file, nor who downloads it," a spokesperson says.
Omemo shares resources, not files. In fact, the Omemo network is so vast that it is capable of hosting countless copies of the entire Wikipedia website or could host the Radiohead digital storefront without any of the bandwidth issues they experienced with their ambitious IN RAINBOWS release,” added Pablo Soto.


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