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FREE THINGS ONLINE: The secret to writing using PLR articles (Part 1)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The secret to writing using PLR articles (Part 1)

You probably have heard the term content is king one to many times over and over again. If you have not the reality is it is. Theirs one sole purpose most of us visit websites that’s to view some form of enticing content, that’s probably why your reading this. Without a continuous flow of new unique content a website or blog is bound to fail over time or stay stagnate. Content has potential to boosts ones incoming traffic, which then leads to potential monetary gains. I will not dive into this subject as it goes beyond the main point of this post.

This mini article is all about PLR articles the good and the bad. I have tried to bring my insights in an unbiased manner, so you can get the full picture about PLR article. Whether you’re convinced to use them or not it’s entirely up to you the reader to decide whether it’s the best approach to take in your quest to building internet traffic, an online presents or credibility and authority online. Another issue which I will address is How to pick the right PLR content distributor, Part 2 will outlines some of the best PLR services online and some free online services you can use to check wither your articles are 100% unique, before publishing them to your blog or website or to Ezine directories.

Firstly let’s take a look at what PLR (Private Label Right’s articles) are. The term PLR refers to articles that are written and made available for several purchasers (you) to buy and use with no strings attached. PLR articles give you the purchaser total control over the article to do what you please literally. That means you can change it claim it as your own created work without having to worry about any copyright infringement. You can include links to your products or affiliate products, change or add any graphics you wish, edit or use the existing content as is, submit to article directories in order to generate more back-links to your site, but of cause all this comes with a price to pay.

For those of you who keep up to date with my blog would know that most of the services I blog about are 100% free as I am an advocate of free things, but the reality is that something’s are best bought, If your going to go for PLR articles you should be prepared to spend a wee bit of cash, nothing much though that will leave a noticeable dent in your bank account. If you’re serious about leveraging articles as means of internet marketing and not willing to pay a bit then don’t even bother try getting the free articles.

Why would you want to use ready made articles for your website or Blog?

  1. Time is major factor for some of us; we simple can’t find or don’t have enough time to start pumping out articles a day and have enough time do our daily chaos.
  2. Writing is not much of your thing.
  3. Your just plain lazy or overly procrastinate getting nothing done.
  4. You don’t have enough ideas or inspiration on your respective niche. I believe once you think it at least 90% of the time theirs something like it similar online make it all the more difficult to come up with a truly original idea. Take note 90% is an arbitrary figure.
  5. Hiring ghost writers at places like to write unique content for you can become quite an expensive endeavor for the average Joe.

Benefits of PLR articles

PLR articles are more cost efficient than hiring someone to write articles for you generally available for $5- $30 for 5 to 200 PLR articles and some as low as 80 cents a piece. Having PLR articles at hand could be a great benefit and would make all the difference in building up traffic and more readers to your website or blog.

Another major benefit is building your brand through article marketing by structuring PLR articles into opt in newsletters, auto responder, special reports or free give away or pay-ware e-books. These can build credibility and a strong online brand. Consistent information of value keeps your readers coming back to you

PLR articles can be used to develop new content websites; you can use them for blog posts, to add additional supplementary content to an already established site or maybe these sites could be a source of generating money via pay per click services or affiliate programs such as click bank.

Maybe your going away on holiday but yet still want to make your blog or website appear as if its been updated daily you can use PLR articles as a way to set your site on auto pilot allowing you to automate your article publishing process.

Your cant write to save your life ok maybe that’s a bit too much, maybe your English is not that good. It's much easier improving a ready made article than writing a brand new one entirely from scratch. PLR Articles are a godsend for those who are having trouble writing their own articles

As most experienced online marketers know, writing unique quality content is not only difficult, if not outside the reach of most people without an innate talent for this, but it is not by itself any guarantee that more money can be generated from simply publishing more of it. PLR articles can serve as a way to generate more ideas for your respective niche.

Most private label articles are written by professionals and compiled with the latest research and information by writers who do this for a living time saved in performing your own research on the topic. That’s been done for you , the need to spend valuable time performing such tedious tasks is omitted.

The not so goods about PLR articles

Some of the problems of PLR articles are not necessary related to the quality of the written content itself, but by the distributors of the PLR articles. The probability of acquiring low quality PLR articles is high unless ones takes it upon him or her self to do some extended research into finding the right PLR distribution service. They are just way to many conman’s cropping up online making it all the harder to find genuine and authentic services. Most PLR services force you to invest in a membership to their site. After paying for access, you never know what type of content you're going to get. Theirs also a high probability of getting sustain material. Even thou it may be cheap but its still money right?

Your not the only one getting a piece of the meat. The problem is some PLR services are trying to make a quick buck out of you its now a gold rush as many have seen that selling such content is such a good lucrative business. Original content and authentic ideas are entangled in the get rich quick schemes. Just give it a try, try Googling “plr articles” you will see what I mean, some of these site are an eyesore and don’t look credible at all, I would be very suspicious entering my credit card number.

Usually you can get a lot of articles for a cheap price but the problem is you have to share all of those articles, generally, with of other people this leads to a whole bunch of information regurgitation.

Everyone has the same content and if everyone uses that content as they have received it then the search engines are going to notice.

Don’t just take the PLR content and use it as is. Try by all means to recreate it or use it as a form or way to get ideas and insights.

A lot of people misuse PLR articles, thus the people have tended to frown over PLR articles. If people find out that your content is not original and you have the very same thing that a couple of other websites. There goes your credibility and month or years of establishing an online presence.

The constant needs re-modifying and validating whether the content is authenticate so as to not get penalized by search engines. This process could be more time consuming making the whole point of using the article useless. Recreating the article from scratch. Would be required, this will very much depend on your writing skills, for some even modification is hard leading to ruining the whole article.

On that note PLR articles are only as good as what you do with them. If you use them without modification of any kind, of course you’ll probably fall in the trap of duplicate content. Rewriting and tweaking is very important in order to convert your PLR content to unique content. If PLR articles are use correctly they could potentially serve as a source of content that could really help move peoples online businesses forward or Blogs/websites.
It’s important that you do thorough research before cashing your money out to some of these services.

What are your thoughts on PLR articles leave your comments. If you like this article, please rate it by using the slider below.

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