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FREE THINGS ONLINE: Take advantage of your gmail space

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Take advantage of your gmail space

For those of you who haven't started taking advantage of your free Gmail storage space you might want to give the following extensions a try.

Use gmail as a hard-drive

G-Mail Drive is small application that literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder by creating a virtual drive that allows you to use Gmail as a storage medium allowing you to perform saving and retrieve files as if it where your local hard drive.
You can drag and drop files into the drive, or use standard cutting and pasting. When you add a file, it sends an e-mail to your Gmail account with the file as an attachment. If you delete a file from the virtual drive, it deletes the associated e-mail, as well. Thats pretty about all you can do, but a pretty hand tool and an easy way of having an alternative means of backing up your files.

Listen to Music and Playlists from Gmail

For firefox users you might want to try out Gmail Files space to store and manage music by installing the extension, uploading some music, and then entering Player mode. From there you can create playlists from the music you've uploaded and play them in the embedded flash player.

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