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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A youtube for shoes

Powderhouse Productions is getting ready to launch, a web channel devoted to nothing but shoes. For thoes of you who might not be familiar with this company they create documentaries such as megaStructures featured on national geographic channel, extreme engineering , world in the balance etc. is promising to deliver and feature a mix of broadcast-quality programming, user-generated videos/photos, and sponsor-created content. You'll also find articles on what's going on in the footwear industry, professionally-penned blogs and tons of community features that give every woman who is crazy about shoes a place to express their inner soles. will be the destination on the web where women will gather to share their passion for shoes.
I was just thinking a youtube for shoes thats a bit odd, but then thought to my self well this could be a pretty good niche, just imagine how many women are crazy about shoes and would spend hours on this site, it could become quite a lucrative en devour.

The site is slated to launch in February 2008, geared toward women 18 to 44, the site also hired fashion writers to blog about shoes and build forums. Shoe fanatics can comment as well as upload their own shoe videos.

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